The 1 Million Dollar Milofest

WHAT can Ghana do with a million dollars? Well, it depends, but probably US$1,000,000 may not do much. Quite possibly, this explains why the Ghana’s Football Association opted to purchase Milo when they laid hands on a cool million!

Milovan Rajevac: Drinking Milo to South Africa 2010?

Milo is product of Nestle. A cherished cocoa drink which is symbolizes all beverages in Ghana. Over the next two years, Ghana, with the help of Puma sponsorship will line the pocket of rookie coach Milovan Rajevac who does not have any national team experience with a little over a million dollars. This excludes expenditure on all the free pegs that come along with the job.

His mission is to qualify Ghana to the world cup and win it whilst lifting CHAN 09 and Angola 2010 Cup along the line. The choice of Milo is comes to me as unfortunate.

This Milo man doesn’t have any mouthwatering track record and it certainly doesn’t look like he has ever won any thing respectable in his coaching career. It appears he has not even coached beyond park-level football. I read that he has managed small time Serbian clubs like FK Vojvodina and FK Borac Čačak with stadium capacities not exceeding 20,000.

Yet, prior to his appointment, Ghana’s FA, led by affable President Kwasi Nyantakyi was all over town, listing the superlatives a coach worth the Black Stars job should have hanging on his shoulders. Was it surprising that in the end they went in for a man who cannot measure up to rejected Ghanaian coaches? Well, unlike many other people, I’m not convinced at all about this Milo man, not even in the slightest.

Undoubtedly, it doesn’t look like this man will be different from all of his ‘opportunistic’ predecessors. He will most likely play along nicely; build nothing; rest his hopes on the quality of our world-class midfield and take the team as far as it can get. Probably, he is looking to acquire as much CV space as he can get and jump ships to the next country. In a few years, paid-sycophants may be seen shower him with titles which suggest he was the best thing to have happened to Africa.

I really can’t see what he will bring to the table which will develop the Black Stars into a ANC winning or World Cup winning form. Some have said he will bring discipline to the team. But that argument is neither here nor there. There were others on the GFS shortlist with better CV than this Milo man who could have brought the same level of discipline.

For starters, he has already declared his love for the weak-minded, fear-ridden, tried and failed 4-5-1 variation. Who doesn’t know how Claude Le Roy bullishly imposed this formation on Ghana over the past two years? Who can ever forget that 4-5-1 has not taken us anywhere?

My point is that obviously Milovan is no where near the quality the FA claimed they wanted. To make matter worse, he intends to play negative football with a positive-mentality team. It is more like he intends to fail and Ghana while building a CV for himself. Another Milan Zivadinovic? Failed before he started?

If this is what we opted for, then perhaps we could have maintained an equally inexperienced park-level stop-gap manager Sellas Tetteh and paid him as much as US$ 45,000. But alas! This is Ghana! 1982 to 2010 is quite a long time to wait for a proper senior-level cup. We cannot leave things to chance and in the hands of people without a clear cut competence statement.

In a few days he will have to prove to all of us in Lybia that he is capable. For now, Milo can enjoy the political rhetoric, but he should know that we will be watching him keenly and would not fail to apply pressure on him, should he mess up. He could call Claude Le Roy and ask him.


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