Man of Sorrow! What a Coach?

 WHEN troubles select you for special treatment, they pour on you in torrents. Looking at the football

Bashir HAyford - In bed with Wahala?

Bashir Hayford - In bed with Wahala?

 scene in Ghana, it should not be difficult for any observant person to notice that Bashir Hayford is a candidate for special treatment from the gods of sorrow.


It really must be a hard life for one man to end up in a negative situation everywhere he goes. Lets just go back three years.  Just because he was appointed a national team (Black Starlets) coach, Bashir Hayford received the most vilifying treatment from his Power FC employers.


 One would have thought that Bashir would have a beautiful time with the Starlets so his former employers will be shamed. Initially, appeared to be having fun. Successfully, he constructed what might go down as the best U17 team Ghana ever raised in a decade.  Then the gods of sorrow decided to select him for more troubles.


In the name of helping one of his kids (Abeeku Quansah) who dislocated his shoulder during an international match (Ivory Coast – Ghana), be broke the rules, run to the pitch and got banned for eight matches for his ‘benevolence’.  Subsequently, fate conspired with GFA to push him away from the team forever and ever amidst unpaid bonuses etc.


But there is a certain level success which follows this man that cannot be overwhelmed by petty tricks from the gods of sorrow. He is signed by a troubled Kumasi Asante Kotoko – who were struck by the disloyalty bug and could not put a formidable team together. There, he succeeded in building  a formidable team in under one year; winning over 90% of his games and sweeping every cup placed before his hungry team.  Just as all seem to be going on well with him, fans decide that he is not good. They begin their hate campaign on him, demanding his head. As if the trouble from fans was not enough,  Hayford lost his wife! What kind of world is this?


Strangely, the management of Kumasi Asante Kotoko; made up of some of the most knowledgeable people in Ghana, have ‘refused’ to do the one thing which will gladden the bereaved heart of  Hayford – clarify his contractual position at Kotoko.


Today, Hayford does not know if he is a deputy coach or the main coach of Kotoko. So bad is the situation that Hayford has had to complain on a number of occasions to the press. Even the Life Owner of Kotoko, Otumfuor Osei Tutu – Royal owner of Ashanti land has ordered that management act on Hayford’s contract before it gets too late.


Whatever makes Mr. Hayford so unlucky and threatened by the unfortunate everywhere he goes, it is not fair that a club he has successfully served over the last year should add to his woes. For crying out loud, Bashir Hayford has swept every title laid before him this season. I cannot recall when Kumasi Asante Kotoko was this successful in the last decade.


I call on you Sylvester Asare Owusu, Kwame Baah Nuako, George Amoako and Jerry Asare to hearken to  Otumfuor’s voice and do something on Bash’s contract.  He doesn’t deserve this sort of treatment.


 I can only encourage Bashir Hayford to hold on to his faith. There is a time for everything under the sun. in God’s own time, He makes all things beautiful.  Your time to smile forever will come. Gold cannot boast of its glitter without the furnace. Having gone through your time of trials, I am convinced the world will be at your beck and call sooner than you think.


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