Is Milovan turning Ghana into a mediocre team?

08JOSMA_081015RSAGhaIFSMSometimes it is difficult to swallow the truth – especially when it comprises of the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Look, truth must be told without fear or favour, Ghana doesn’t look good under Milovan Rajevac. All of a sudden, the Black Stars have been reduced to an ordinary team.

Two games in the CHAN competition and Ghana has not won any. How Ghana has all of a sudden stopped winning games doesn’t stop to amaze me. As things stand now, I am just short of asking for Milovan’s head. I am running out of patience ……

My friend Justin Osafo-Addo who is much closer to the Black Stars than me, tells me that Milo is up to the task and is a good trainer. It is a bit disturbing therefore when we cannot see this ‘goodness’ in the results. Out of the 5 games Milovan has led Ghana’s CHAN team to play (since November 20, 2008), Ghana has won only one, drawing the rest. This is unacceptable. It is certainly not Ghana – The so-called Brazil of Africa.

I wouldn’t have been this worried if Milovan had a better record with the Senior National team. But, alas, as though he has been assigned the ‘draw fate’Milovan has won only one game with the black stars and drawn too many times. At this rate, an optimist will suffer to ply his trade.

What is wrong with Ghana under Milovan? I see three basic problems. First, I see a man who does not understand international football. International football is not a grooming ground for incapable young talent, neither is it a fitness opportunity for aged-clubless players nor is it an opportunity for clubless unfit players to catch the eye of scouts. It is serious business! It is a touch-and-go business! Nothing else matters but trophies! Draws wont get us those trophies!
For a country which won it s last serious Senior-level trophy some 27 years ago, we MUST not allow this rather nerve-racking series of draws to continue!

Secondly, I see a man who is finding it too difficult to accept that whatever his wishful thinking is about Ghanaian football is simply not commensurate with the hard reality on the ground. This is no time to try funny tactics which players cannot understand. It appears to me Milovan simply doesn’t get it. Seriously, the earlier Milovan woke up and found a hands-on approach to utilizing the players we have, the better.

Then again, we have such low quality players…sometimes I wonder what Sir. Alex Ferguson would have done with some of these players. But the question is; are these the best local players we can assemble? Did Milovan do thorough consultations on these players? Are there not other better quality materials watching the championships on TV – like Obed Ansah? Is this the best we can do with the materials we have? Did we pay Milo a million dollars to pick draws?

There is no way Ghana can continue calling itself an African soccer power house if we keep drawing. We are not going top lift any cups with draws. At this rate, we are not going to the World Cup let alone achieve President Mills’ fantasies of playing in the semi finals. This is only CHAN and we cannot boast of even one win…..African Football Power House indeed.


1 Response to “Is Milovan turning Ghana into a mediocre team?”

  1. February 27, 2009 at 9:20 am

    what we have to understand is that, most of the African Teams playing in this tournament are using their first selection squad b/c they do not have foreign players.basically these are teams that have been built over a long period of time.

    we re now trying to build a local squad.i guess you all remember what HEARTS OF OAK did to Nigeria in 2000 when Jones used them as the BLACK STARS. its the same thing happening to us now.

    the Zimbabwean team we played against is the best they have.they dont have any “Muntari” or “Laryea Kingson” in any foreign league with that exposure. same can be said of the Libyan team we played against. it was the same team that played at CAN2008.without any doubt these two teams ave more experienced than our local Black stars. even with our foreign players we suffered a loss in Egypt 2006 against local Zimbabwean side.

    i ve stated my position on maintaining a foreign coach before, I DON’T LIKE THEM, period.but i must add that we cannot rip where we’ve not sown.this local team is still in its baby stage. lets hope that they get only get better!

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