Prophet T.B. Joshua withdraws famous Black Satellites ‘coaching’ videos

prophet-tb-joshua-2In the aftermath of a video released by self-styled prophet T.B. Joshua, and the debate which followed, the videos have been removed from Youtube.

Already, there were doubts over the claims of T.B. Joshua and the authenticity of the videos. This ‘chickening out’ action from T. B. Joshua’s church comes as a shock to many. It also raises a lot of questions about T.B. Joshua’s integrity (unless he did not supervise the making of the video and its subsequent online publication).

Does T. B. Joshua and his church take their ‘audience’ serious? They cannot create a video about their so-called prophetic abilities, get some people to believe them, then when challenged about the authenticity of their video pack their bag and run off. What sort of cat-and-mouse game is this?

The moment Ghana captain Andre Ayew pointed out that he did not speak with the prophet as the video purported, some of us knew there was going to be trouble. What seemed a ‘shameless self-glorification’ expedition was going to be scrutinized. I bet the kitchen got too hot for the media-crazed people at Synagogue Church of All Nations.

In my earlier write-up, I questioned why they put up the video in the first place? I could understand the need for the prophet’s outfit to look good and popular. I could understand the need for people to be made to believe in the abilities of the prophet worldwide.

What I could not understand was the speed with which those videos were yanked off the internet without any explanation. I think people who have been made to believe the prophetic powers of T. B. Joshua through this video deserve an explanation from the prophet and his church.


2 Responses to “Prophet T.B. Joshua withdraws famous Black Satellites ‘coaching’ videos”

  1. 1 Kweku Francis
    November 8, 2009 at 11:00 am

    Stop the blasphemy! You are being watched by God. His word says touch not my annointed… Just don’t touch.

  2. 2 William Quarmine
    January 9, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    O.K, I am sure you are unware that his word also says we should watch out for false prophets.

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