Open Letter to Milovan Rajevac – Are we asking too much of you?

Milovan Rajevac

Milovan Rajevac

Dear Milovan, I hope this letter finds you well. Let me be the next person to congratulate you for qualifying the Black Stars to Angola 2010 and South Africa 2010 in record time without conceding a single goal. Let me also give you a pat on the back for guiding what appeared to be a rather talentless Local Black Stars to the finals of CHAN.

You have obviously done your bit for Ghanaian football. In spite of these concrete achievements, I am not pleased with your handling of the Black Stars. Our elders say that ‘the man who weeds the field does not get to see if the path he leaves behind him is crooked’. It is for this reason that I write you this letter to tell you that things are not shaping-up properly for the Mighty Black Stars.

Mr. Rajevac, it saddens my heart when I think of what the Black Stars is turning into under your management. Perhaps, Mr. Rajevac, it has not occurred to you that Ghana is on a downward spiral. Since you took over, Ghana has not had a single confident game. We have been scrappy to say the least. Luck has been our bonafide ally! Of course, it is better to play badly and win. But when your team plays badly and cannot win, we ought to ask you questions.

When you first arrived, you continually gave us the excuse that you did not know your players. You shifted the goal post to so-called ‘undedicated players’. You went on a crusade of ensuring that only ‘the best’ will play for Ghana. Not only have you refused to play only the best, but you have stuck to clubless, inactive and out of shape players.

Today, no one seems to understand what is going on with your management of our wonderful National Team. Given the depth of quality Ghana possesses, it beggars belief that you cannot marshal one confident performance from the plethora of quality material under your care.

Coach, don’t you think that you have too much depth for the kind of performances you are giving us? Coach, are you honestly blind to the fact that your lateral defense leaks more than an African sponge? When do you plan to use a well-tested left back instead of all these makeshift arrangements?

Mr. Rajevac, I always wanted to ask you this question: In all your life as a coach, where did you find a team which cannot run at the opponent’s defenders; split opponent’s defenders; convert half chances; convert dead balls; run down the flanks and supply pin-point crosses winning anything substantive? How did Ghana loose so much of its creativity under your management?

Under your leadership our hunger for success is dead. We have lost our drive for wins. The little discipline which characterized the modern Black Stars is fast corroding. In short, Coach, I do not think you need to be reminded that with 55 days to kick off CAN Angola 2010, you will have to sit up.

We refuse to take anymore excuses from you. We refuse to take one more of those tactically bankrupt games you give us in return for the thousands of dollars we pay you and your interpreter.

Your proponents will have us believe that you know what you are up to. I want to believe you do. But when you call up midfielders for as strikers. When you leave out competent left backs and use right backs instead. When in 3 games running the Black Stars have not had their passing right, neither have they come up with a win, we deserve the right to ask you what is going on.

From your demeanor during yesterdays (WCQ – Ghana 2:2 Mali) game, we do not need a medium to tell us that you do not seem to know where the problem comes from. This is why I am forced to ask my last question. Mr. Rajevac, are we asking too much of you?

I wish you good luck. You will need plenty of it in this wake up call.




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