Random thoughts in the wake of the Cabinda Massacre

I have followed events in Angola over last few hours with utter shock, dismay and anger. Considering some of the facts that are emerging from the gore attack on the team bus of Togo’s Sparrow Hawks by Angolan separatist guerrilla group FLEC, I am left with no option but to put some straight questions to Mr. Issa Hayatou’s CAF.

Before that, let me take the opportunity to express my sincerest sympathies  to the entire nation Togo and the families of the dead and injured.  No life, not even half of a life should be valued over a mere football tournament.

To Mr. Issah Hayatou’s CAF

[1] Did CAF take time to thoroughly investigate Angola and its volatility before accepting their bid? I am tempted to believe that someone turned a blind eye to the circumstances surrounding Cabinda. Perhaps  the pay-offs of  turning a blind eye were high for CAF’s officials. We are now witnesses to lapses in due diligence.

[2] What use is it sending your sympathy to Togo and the family of the dead footballers and officials when you, knowing that Angola is a volatile country (especially the Cabinda area) sent them there?

[3] In a rather hurried statement released by CAF, they claimed ” The Angolan Prime Minister will meet on Saturday CAF President, Mr Issa Hayatou, to take decisions to guarantee the smooth running of the competition.” yet, this Prime Minister knew about FLEC and their threat before it happened. If he knew what to do, would he not have prevented the Cabinda massacre? [Read this]

[4] If CAF and the Prime Minister of Angola have any plans, they should let us know. We are concerned about our friends, family and nationals. If the Angolans have orgasms killing each other, that should be their own headache.

[5] Is CAF going to keep the poor players in Ham’s way? Must Cabinda continue to be a tournament venue? Will CAF compensate the families of the dead for sending their loved-ones to play a tournament in a war-torn zone of a disturbed country?

To the Ghanaian government

I trust that a word of assurance to the Ghanaian team would be highly appreciated. But even beyond words, it is probably wise to  dispatch some of our nation’s best security forces to a Angola to protect our boys and if need be, evacuate them. We sacrifice the lives of our forces in protection of other people. Perhaps this is the time to protect our own. In the worse case scenario, team Ghana should just pack baggage and go home. How twenty-year olds will have the nerve to play in a tournament knowing that over the next three weeks an idiot could pop out from nowhere to attack and maim them  is yet to be seen.

In the end, I wonder whether there will be any pleasure in winning a bloodied cup?


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