Angola 2010: Open Letter to Black Stars fans – A little more faith!

Milovan - Better think hard!

Milovan - Better think hard!

  Alright folks, I know.  

The Ivoirians have placed an obstacle on our path to African Nations Cup glory. This looks as bad as it seems. I know what levels of indignation Ghanaian football fans feel about Milovan Rajevac and his bunch of half-fit and amateur little kids. I feel the pain too.  

There is no argument that Ghana has not won in 7 games. I know the recent trend of pathetic results from the Black Stars is directly related to Milovan’s lack of international experience and his snail pace on the learning curve. I know Milovan messed up; he could have increased his player pool. He could have used better tactics and more experienced players against Ivory Coast. He could have started Gyan; in fact, he could have………

I know injuries have taken the better of our players. Guys, I know it looks like sabotage from some players. I know our chances of going to the next stage of Angola 2010 is dimmer than the that of a camel through the eye of the needle.

I know how you feel. I know how, many a fan have switched into apocalyptic mode; predicting the doom of the Black Stars or pretending to see a ray of hope.   

I know, panic is a logical thing to do under the circumstances. I know many people feel like or may have already given up. I know I may sound delusional for what I am about to say! ……who are we kidding? It simply doesn’t look good.  


Perhaps this is the squat before the jump. Humanity has littered history with several stories of its fortitude; overcoming both natural and artificial glitches on the pathway to progress. We Ghanaians have descended from the greats – Yaa Asentewaa, Sumanguru, Kwame Nkrumah, the great Gwollus, Akwamus and many others! Copious amounts of fortitude runs through our blood.  Angola 2010 is not over, until the tournament is over! 

After Ghana wins Angola 2010, we will be back with our criticisms and demands for better team-building. For now, as fans, let us courageously stand behind our team. Courage doesn’t roar all the time. In some cases, it is the little voice inside us at the end of the day that says we need to keep trying. Where in lies our claim to ‘fanship’  if in the midst of our anger, pain and disappointment, we cannot find courage to have A LITTLE MORE FAITH? 

That’s all there is to it…folks….A LITTLE MORE FAITH in The Black Stars as we face Burkina Faso on Tuesday 19th January, 2010. 

Your co-fan 



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