Angola 2010: Stakes are high, but the spirit of the Black Star is higher

If you are one of those people who think football results are determined by some rankings or some computer simulations, by this time, Ghana’s Black Stars should have given you enough reason to revise your notes.

Football results are decided on the grass!

I keep hearing the argument that Ghana has a weak team; made up of inexperienced kids. I keep hearing how this inexperienced Black Stars team have ridden on the wings of luck into the semi-finals of Angola 2010. I also keep hearing that on paper and judging by their performances so far, Ghana cannot lace the boot of Nigeria in this semi-final encounter of Angola 2010. In effect, this is Ghana’s last stop. This is how far luck take the Black Stars.  Of course, I disagree with this kind of thinking. Nigeria are a big team, no doubt. But Ghana-Nigeria games are always epic battles. These battles are rooted in a rich history of rivalry. Forget about who is playing or which team is on a good form run, Ghana-Nigeria games are always hotly contested. 

The stakes are always high. And today, the stakes will be higher. For Ghana, many of these players will need to prove why they should be selected ahead of other experienced players who are either omitted or injure. The bragging right should never be allowed to fall into the hands of those loud Nigerians. The last time Ghana played in ANC finals was 18 years ago. Ghana cannot miss the opportunity to play in the ANC finals. If there is anything players, officials and fans agree on, then it is the hunger for a real adult-level international cup!

 But most importantly, Milovan Rajevac needs to win this game to stamp his legitimacy.

When people talk of Ghana’s team, they always leave out those characteristics which have collectively distinguished Team Ghana. A blend of experience, youthful exuberance, courage in the face of adversity, high work rate, sticking to coach’s instruction and an above-average tenacity of purpose. These characteristics have positioned Ghana to take advantage of events at Angola to progress to the semi-finals. It is this same spirit which will see Ghana overcome Nigeria.

So, let Amodu bring Ozase, Martins, Obi, Yakubu, Taiwo and all the arsenals at his disposal…. IF the Black stars can keep the trust they have for themselves when all men doubt them and play will play with this never-say-die spirit, they will distinguish themselves today and advance into the finals of Angola 2010.

…and yes they will!!!


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