Speaking to the wind on foot from Cabinda to Pretoria

You, yes … you! Like most Black Stars supporters you are probably at the crossroads. You are struggling to strike a balance between objectivity and patriotism; between rationality and faith! Something within you believes The Black Stars could mount a compelling challenge at the South Africa 2010 World Cup.

You already see yourself running up and down your drive way in celebration of each Black Stars goal. You imagine how you will put on national colours with pride to spite your Nigerian friends the day the World Cup trophy touches base at Kotoka. Any time you listen to the lyrics of Knan, you dream of waving your flag to the return of the glory days of the Mighty Black Stars.

However, this imp in your skull will not stop sowing seeds of doubt in you, will he? He continuously reminds you of how no one can reap where he has not sown.  

Somewhat impressed by the jargon of Ghana’s FA., you ignore that imp and look for excuse push reality aside. You conveniently forget Milovan Rajevac cannot see past the second round of at South Africa 2010. Your have made Ghana’s final berth at Angola 2010 the basis of your blind optimism to famously proclaim that even if Ghana is represented by 23 blind men, they will put up a performance!

You might want to wake up and smell the coffee one of these days! The imp tells you.

In a stubborn patriotic defiance, you argue loudly with your friends, reminding them how Ghana will trounce lowly-placed Latvia to show her readiness. You pretend you did not here them ask: with which strikers? You desperately tell everyone that things were not so good before Germany 2006, but Ghana came out shining! Of course, you craftily hide the truth – Black Stars won only 2 games and lost as many; conceding more goals than they scored. Oh, have you forgotten how we smartly wrapped our shame in that famous excuse – ‘FIFA wanted the Brazil of Africa to lose to the real Brazil’ – and how the world bought into our con, joining us to drum and dance in celebration of nothing.

I honestly admire your patriotism. Our elders say that a man cannot point his left hand towards his fathers’ house. They also say that it is only when the oil palm trees appears dead that it bears the best fruits. And so, you, yes … You! my fellow in support of the Black Stars will be loved by the ancestors! They will make a public show of your exemplary support! In admiration, I would have behaved like you, after all dreams are free.

But I have upgraded my patriotism! It is on this new plane of patriotism that I stand to ask anyone who cares to listen one question: is Ghana interested in going to South Africa 2010 to pass the ball around nicely, concede more than they score, win 2 games, lose as many games and delude ourselves that we are the Brazil of Africa or The Black stars are going there to do better than they did at Germany 2006?

A month and a few days shouldn’t be too long to wait. Should it? We wait to see how it goes. To see whether your blind faith will be able to drive off the reality that Ghana doesn’t seem to stand a chance unless Milovan works extra hard on selecting ONLY THE BEST PLAYERS to South Africa 2010.

While I wait, I will speak to wind. As they say in Ghana, ‘if you want to speak to God, you do so through the wind.’ Are you going to sit through world cup games scared to death like you did at Angola 2010? Will a coach who does not see beyond the quarter final of a tournament, reach it? Am I the only one who is wondering whether Milovan Rajevac will sacrifice [match and physical] fitness on the altar of ‘whom you already know’? Does Milovan Rajevac still hold the opinion that U-20 players are better than all other Ghanaian players just because they won an age-group tournament one year ago and are dormant in reserve leagues across Europe? Will Milovan Rajevac find one or two local players useful?

As I stroll from Cabinda to Pretoria, waiting for the winds to bring me my answers from God, I will join you in dreamland to wave my red-gold-green flag from. I will join you to sing the famous patriotic lines ‘Oseeyyyyyy Ghana’. . . ‘Ghana will shock the world again … Ghana will win South Africa 2010’. Perhaps it will help bring Ghana the much needed LUCK! Even if it doesnt, at least, I will be making my pastor happy; for I will be a doer of the word which says ‘Let the weak say I am strong’


1 Response to “Speaking to the wind on foot from Cabinda to Pretoria”

  1. May 5, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    I’m not going to challenge you on this, cus anytime i share a contrary opinion
    with regards to what you think before a tourney, you always turn out to be right.
    L’ll rather wish that atleast get to the second round as we did in Germany 2006.
    it’ll be a disaster if we fail to make it to the second round, its good your morale is HIGH!

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