Team Ghana: A lay man’s expectations

What can we expect from the Black Stars at South Africa?

[1] Daniel Adjei: I hope Ghana does not have to rely on him. If we do, I wish him well. Expect him to warm the bench. But, if he plays, he will be average at best (5/10).

[2] Hans Adu Sarpei: May not be good in joining attack, but one can expect him to manage his role maturely. As this may be the last major tournament of the 34 year old defender, expect a good performance (6/10)

[3] Asamoah Gyan: The legend has it that in time past, even when Gyan had an empty post to himself, his colleagues will scream on him to pass the ball before he got another howler. But that was in the past. From his Ghana performance this year, one can expect a very good tournament (8/10).

[4] John Paintsil: Reliable lateral defender who will give Ghana a good tournament in addition to wonderful goal celebration dances (7/10).

[5] John Mensah: If ‘The Glass of Gibraltar’ is not breaking down or goofing with offside traps, one can expect a good tournament. He is going to make many crucial and stress-relieving tackles (7/10).

[6] Anthony Annan: The only constant in the team. At South Africa, people can expect a spirited performance. If he doesn’t go poking people’s eyes, Annan will have a very good tournament (7/10).

[7] Samuel Inkoom: Beaming with energy and enthusiasm. He will fly on the wings with superior crosses. Hopefully, he has worked on his positioning. Should he get some playing time, I am looking forward to a very good tournament from the 20-year old. Inkoom is a potential tournament revelation (8/10).

[8] Jonathan Mensah: This lad has got more football in him than he displays. When the chance comes, I hope he takes it with an above average tournament (5/10)

[9] Derek Owusu Boateng: Derek is a lucky guy. He goes AWOL in the run up to tournaments. Then, somehow, every 4 years (2002, 2006, 2010) by the time the final 23 is named, he is there. I don’t expect anything beyond an average tournament. Hopefully he will prove me wrong (5/10).

[10] Stephen Appiah: Even though he doesn’t agree, I think Captain Marvel is a spent force. I expect just an average performance. Fingers crossed for a pleasant surprise from El Capitano (6/10).

[11] Sulley Ali Muntari: The ‘dog’ who is usually given a bad name, just so he can be hanged. But I never worry for Sulley, like his former boss Mourinho, he thrives in controversy. If injuries will not rain on his party, Sulley will get a good tournament (7/10).

[12] Prince Tagoe: The former Hearts of Oak goal poacher has not had the great national team career everyone expected. Potentially, he is an aerial threat and a master of tap-in goals. An average performance can be expected of Tagoe (5/10).

[13] Andre ‘Dede’ Ayew: Once, I believed his only contribution to the game at any level was a certain energetic leadership he displays. Other than that, he could not hold on to balls, dribble or cross it. But with each national game, I see him improve more and more. One of the many things one can expect from Dede is his telepathic connection with the crosses of Samuel Inkoom. Given the chance, Dede will have an excellent tournament (9/10).

[14] Matthew Amoah: ‘Clapperdinho’ the off-tournament goal machine. I wish I could say with confidence that this will be the tournament (since Egypt 2006) where we get to see Amoah quit galloping about the pitch and actually put the ball in the net. Another poor tournament from Amoah can be expected. Wishes are not horses for beggars to ride; yet, I will really love to see at least 2 goals from the NAC Breda striker (4/10).

[15] Isaac Vorsah: There are times when I worry about this huge man’s abilities. If his performances this year are anything to go by, then he is on his way to a good tournament (5/10).

[16] Stephen Ahorlu: An above average replacement for Kingson. The world may not get to see Ahorlu. If they do, they will see a good performance from the Heart of Lions shot stopper (5/10).

[17] Ibrahim Ayew: Needs to show us that he is not there because of his father. His brute energy could be useful. If he is used, we will be lucky to see an above average performance from Rahim (5/10).

[18] Dominic Adiyiah: Adiyiah’s U-20 performance has given false hopes to many fans and officials. I have heard many people call him Ghana’s only strike hope. Adiyiah is good and may deserve his call up, but I am a realist. I will not count on a man who has scored less than 2 goals in as many seasons. A poor tournament will not come as a surprise (4/10).

[19] Lee Addy: A certain willingness to do his best, but he is just average. Hopefully, he has learnt not to panic. He will be his average self (5/10).

[20] Quincy Owusu-Abeyie: If Kwadwo’s dribbling will be heroic, Quincy’s tricks will be magical. Even though sometimes he looks like a disco dancer pulling of these tricks, Quincy is one man who can turn Ghana’s fortunes around in a split second. He will be a man to watch at South Africa, once he reduces the disco dancing. Expect a very good tournament (8/10).

[21] Kwadwo Asamoah: Kwadwo will come out of South Africa a hero. It is his dribbling magic, defence splitting passes and passion which will carry Ghana to the finals. An excellent tournament beckons (10/10).

[22] Richard Kingson: Someone asked me why this man still had a job as a footballer after the Holland 4-1 Ghana game. Somehow, I think Richard is going to have a very good tournament (8/10).

[23] Kevin-Prince Boateng: ‘The Crown Prince’ will fill the gap Essien left. One can expect hard tackles, forward runs, long range passes and drives. And if he gets on the score sheet (especially against Germany), this ‘bad boy’ from Germany will be an instant hit in Ghana…I expect a good tournament from Kevin (8/10).


1 Response to “Team Ghana: A lay man’s expectations”

  1. 1 Ewiase
    June 6, 2010 at 11:42 am

    good analysis, i only hope Matthew will prove you wrong.

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