CHAN 2011: Why Black Stars will beat Amabinneplaas of South Africa


Goalkeeper Stephen Adam (Left) and Striker Nuhu Fuseini (Right)

Goalkeeper Stephen Adam (Left) and Striker Nuhu Fuseini (Right)

As a group opener, this game is important for many reasons; chief of which is the confidence or lack of it the results can bring to either team going forward. Ghana should be able to easily overcome South Africa, and here are the reasons.


[1] Depth

The Ghanaian team is rich in depth with some 23 in-form players; a number of whom have seen it all in domestic, international club and national team competitions. Coach Herbert Addo will have on his hands, a nice little problem of player selection with so many good players in his squad. The Amabinneplaas on the other hand is made up of amateurs and inexperienced second-tier players from South Africa. If depth translates into performance, then the South Africans should be toast.

[2] On the wings with flying colours

One of Ghana’s weapons in Sudan is the number of players who can make flanking manoeuvres happen. Not a single match day passes in Ghana’s Glo Premier League without some headline news about exciting performances from Hans Cofie, Bernard Dong Bortey, Larbi Koomson, Obed Owusu and Bismark Idan. All these players provide Coach Herbert Addo with abundant wing forward options. Wing backs like Alfred Arthur and Godfred Saka also reinforce how wide the Ghana team can be.

[3] Attack Attack Attack

Here is how Herbert Addo surprised all Ghanaians. Hitherto, he has been known as the ‘One Goal Project’ man for his penchant to get his team to score one goal and shut up shop. One would have expected him to have more midfielders, but Mr. Addo has other plans for CHAN. He has taken 6 of the of the most dangerous goal scorers in Ghana. But these strikers are not just goal scorers, otherwise, some other strikers would have made it to Sudan. These strikers double as tormentors of defenders, holding the ball, dribbling, running and shooting at will.

With the kind of amateur squad coach Simon Ngomane has named, I can safely predict that Gilbert Fiamenyo, Stephen Manu, Nuhu Huseini Fuseini, Bismark Idan and Emmanuel Clottey will give the Amabinneplaas a torrid time.


Striker Emmanuel Clottey

Striker Emmanuel Clottey


But, it might not be all rosy

One pitfall for Ghana though, might be the spirit with which the young and inexperienced Amabinneplaas are bringing to Sudan. Knowing that they have been written off by South Africans, coach Simon Ngomane and his lads appear to have increased their resolve to do anything to silence their critics. Their recent 1-1 draw with Sweden is a clear indication of their resolve not to go down easily.

Forward Tiyani Mabunda is not to be left unmarked. Cheap free kicks are not to be allowed in Ghana’s defensive third. Otherwise, the hungry Amabinneplaas will give Ghana an embarrassing sucker punch.



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