Why can’t we have both Kingson and Kwarasey?

There is a new king in townAdam Kwarasey. Fans and officials who claimed to have seen something special in the Strømsgodset shot stopper were not disappointed when Ghana played Brazil on Monday 5th September 2011.

Adam Larsen Kwarasey

Adam Larsen Kwarasey

After some stellar saves to prevent Pato and Ronaldinho from scoring, Kwarasey has written his name in Ghanaian hearts faster than he himself might have imagined. “I just tried to do my job. I had great defenders in front of me and it helped me.” He told media men after the game as he tried to play down his instant rise to fame.

Sack Kingson, he is too old

An offshoot of the rave reviews Kwarasey is getting after the Brazil game is the seeming general consensus that Richard Kingson should be axed from the Black Stars now that Kwarasey has ‘proven’ that he has come to stay. Kingson seems to have outlived his usefulness and is being pressured from several quarters to take a bow while there is still some applause.

Those who have made this call have justifiably claimed that age is not Kingson’s best ally. They have cited a number of howlers by Kingson in recent games among others.

Clearly, the emotions generated by the beauty of Kwarasey ‘s performance have clouded not only the judgement, but memories of many.

 Of good times and memory loss

Since 2006 when Kingson made a comeback to the Black Stars after almost a decade of hiatus, Ghana has never looked back. Kingson has saved Ghana from many disgraceful defeats and even capped a fruitful  national career with a goal. Like everyone else, he has had some of the most terrible moments in the office. But where is the evidence that he is over the hill?

Richard Kingson

Richard Kingson

So, now, Kwarasey has claimed the number 1 slot. But how many will debate the theory that Kingson is better than all the alternatives available to join Kwarasey as goalkeepers for Ghana in the very near future [African Cup of Nations in January 2012]. Even Kwarasey whose arrival is being interpreted to mean an exit for Kingson still believes his predecessor has something to offer: “You know Richard is a legend in Ghanaian football so I have a lot to learn from him.”

Not too long ago, many were worried sick about the seeming lack of quality in Ghana’s goal keeping department. So, it beggars belief how all of a sudden there is a national cry for some of the existing goalkeepers (in fact the most experienced) to take a bow out of the Black Stars.

Perhaps folks need to be reminded of that ageless Ghanaian proverb which suggests not to be ungrateful to the quack witch doctor who sat by and nurtured the patient till the authentic witch doctor arrived. The idea of only one trusted goalkeeper over the past six years was risky enough, there is no need to begin repeat the scenario.

Depths begets heights

This ‘Kwarasey-in-Kingson-retires’ mentality undermines the concept of DEPTH which is the secret of all teams that have risen to football glory and dominated. Why can’t we have both Kingson and Kwarasey, and more? After all, when it comes to football, more is better.

Of course, even though Kingson has one foot on the retirement pedal, how wise is it to offload him when Ghana has a major tournament in January 2012? As for his retirement, it is up to Kingson to decide.


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