Kevin Prince Boateng Saga – A Bird In Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

If you have ever asked yourself whether Kevin Prince Boateng was ever dedicated to the Black Stars’ course, you must have had your answer by now. According to the Ghana Football Association Kevin say he is no longer interested in playing for Ghana. He has other important priorities.

Like many others, even before this news broke, I had convinced myself that Kevin was simply not interested in Ghana. Like all footballers, he always fantasized playing in at least one World Cup before retiring. For whatever reason Germany coach Joachim Lowe was always not interested in Prince. A rather desperate and naive Ghana approached the player wh0se career was at an uncertain crossr0ad with the greatest opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to feature in a World Cup without working for it.

Of course, who wouldn’t  have jumped at this opportunity?  Here is a country [Ghana] who did not invest a dime in your development, yet wants to reap benefits. Finding himself and his team relegated from top flight English football, Kevin  must have found a great window of opportunity in a ‘greedy’ Ghana to launch his career at the World Cup. The World belonging to the daring; Ghana got a good run at the World Cup and Kevin’s big dream materialized. He has not only had his dream World Cup appearance, he has ended up at AC Milan. Ghana has served her purpose in the German’s plot. 9 games was all he would exchange for a career relaunch. Life goes on.

The ‘whys and why nots’ have been completely exhausted in many Ghanaian and German football cycles and I don’t intend to beat a dead horse here. In my opinion, this whole Kevin Prince Boateng saga presents a clear case of a bird in hand being worth two in the bush.

For far too long, whatever is ‘indigenously’ Ghanaian has been treated with heartbreaking disdain by many Ghanaians. Especially in football, people who have been given the responsibility of ensuring that football is developed in Ghana would rather spend all their energies chasing ‘non-existent’ footballers born and bred abroad to the neglect home-grown talent.

However the GFA handles this situations, the time has come to rethink developing of a vibrant local football which churns out even more reliable  talent. There is really no long term reason why we should waste all our energies on the Kevin Prince Boatengs, Mario Balotelli’s  and Danny Welbecks to the detriment of the Abdul Basits, Nathaniel Asamoahs and Emmanuel Baffuors whose hearts are properly placed in the Ghanaian dream.



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