CAN 2012 Files EP01: A dreamer’s whims of Ghana’s road to victory

We football fans are some of the most fickle people you can find around. We live in the moment; we analyze little and hungrily seek the next opportunity to celebrate nothing. Ghanaian football fans are among the guiltiest.

Oh there will be more opportunities to dance, but will it be around the trophy?

We go to Germany 2006 World Cup, win 2 games and come home celebrating more than the winners. We host CAN 2008 and get brushed aside by Cameroun, yet we were the happiest. Some even argued that had we won that tournament people would have died celebrating…so it was good we crushed out….wooow! Need I talk about Asamoah Gyan and South Africa 2010 World Cup?

We have won nothing in adult football over the last 30 years, yet we parade ourselves as African football giants even though no one else does. Every year, we claim we are tournament favourites and in spite of our perennial failures we come home celebrating. Why? We always record sweet victories over our noisy neighbours – Nigeria.

So, it is that, a new tournament is already here with us. Once the groups and fixtures were announced, everyone in Ghana says Ghana is winning this easily. Forget about having a coach who thinks he can sit in Europe and win an African tournament.

This is by far our biggest chance to lift a trophy, we say. Why? There is no Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and Cameroun. We only have only to face the usual tournament chokers Ivory Coast or fellow noise makers Senegal.

Ironically, the oracle agrees with our fickle whims. I have looked into crystal ball. I have seen the end from the beginning. The oracle has spoken. Ghana is winning CAN 2012. CAF should just come to Ghana and give the Ghana FA boss, Kwasi Nyantakyi, the cup. No need to waste money on the tournament.

Ghana coach GORAN STEVANOVIC hopes to be the first expatriate to win glory for Ghana

Nyantakyi will just have to also go flying to Serbia in search of the man who is paid over $50,000 per month to sit in his home country and coach another country. Nyantakyi must find the man with the easiest job on earth – Goran Stevanovic – and congratulate him for winning the cup without stepping a foot in Ghana, picking fights with his key player and building his team around out of form bench warmers. All things are possible to those who believe, No? All we need do is to believe in what the oracle says.

What did I see in the crystal ball? What did I hear the oracle say?


The groups will finish as follows:

Group A: [1] Senegal [2] Libya

Group B: [1] Ivory Coast [2] Burkina Faso

Group C: [1] Gabon [2] Tunisia

Group D: [1] Ghana [2] Mali


Senegal beats Burkina Faso. Ivory Coast beats Libya. Gabon beats Mali. Ghana thrashes, no wallops, Tunisia.


The Elephants of Ivory Coast see Senegal’s Lions of Teranga Senegal and choke – tails between legs…no surprises there! Gabon takes another beating from Ghana.


Senegal’s Lions of Teranga will try to have Ghana’s Black Stars for dinner, but the thing with lions is that they can’t fly! There you have it – quite easily deduced!

So never mind what the so called pundits are saying about Ivory Coast being the favourites. Never mind all the warning signals about Euro-biased scouting; lack of striking depth; player selection politics; self-imposed left back problems; glassy central defenders; inactive bench warmers in the starting 11 or playing defenders as wingers, grab a Ghana flag and fetch your vuvuzela! There is going to be another opportunity to jump into the streets to celebrate all those moments of sweet nothings.

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analyses of Ghana’s quest for Nations Cup glory!!!!


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