CAN 2012 Files EP07: Karma, Ladies Man And The Hundredth Goal

Coincidence loves playing tricks on the mind of many a man seeking answers from this sometimes difficult-to-understand world.

With a couple of days left to start Africa’s most prestigious football contest, news from Milan says hero-turn-villain Kevin Prince Boateng will be out for a month with an injury.

When Boateng announced his early retirement from the Black Stars, one of the many untenable reasons put forward in the media was his need to avoid injuries so that he can keep playing for AC Milan.

Like most Ghanaians, I can’t help but to beg the question that Boateng would have avoided this injury had he been in camp with the Black Stars. Even if he picked this injury playing for Ghana at CAN 2012, would the consequences (in terms of lack of AC Milan playing time) not have amounted to the same thing?

Some seem to think nature is punishing Boateng for turning his back on Ghana. But knocks, bruises and injuries will always be player’s bedfellows and this may have absolutely nothing to do with karma, so we wish Boateng speedy recovery.

Injuries aside, what does Boateng, Essien and Agogo have in common? They were always the toast of ladies during tournaments. In Ghana, football is hardly the passion of women. But once a while, and often for non-football reason, a player bursts onto the scene and captures the heart of women.


Before CAN 2008, the ladies scrambled for Essien. Manuel Junior Agogo, for all his terrible first touch caught the attention of the fairer sexes in 2008. The love for Agogo reached epic heights when after scoring against Nigerian in CAN 2008 he took off his shirt; exposing his muscular tattooed body.

In 2009 if Andre Ayew was a lollipop he hold have been licked dry by the women folk. Ayew had led Ghana to win the World Youth Chmapionship in 2009.

Kevin Prince Boateng took over during World Cup 2010. Skin colour and even better tattoos made him the perfect replacement for Agogo. Of course he scored an important goal too.

The jury is still out on the candidate for women’s favourite at CAN 2012. My take is Adam Larsen Kwarassey. Before 2011 ended, he was already the talk of many women. He has the complexion, the height, the looks and the performance to boot.

Adam may lack that Locally Acquired Foreign Accent (LAFA) which melts the average Ghana woman’s heart. But, should he manage a couple crucial jaw-dropping saves during the tournament, we are sure he will be welcomed back home by a bevy of lovely Ghanaian women.

In football players who put the ball in the net are celebrated more than the one who prevented it from entering the post. This is what makes the Ayews and Gyan potential candidates of the ladies man.

Of course goals win you tournaments. But in a 16 team tournament like the African cup, no more than 4 goals from open play can win you the trophy; granted you can shut up shop and practice your penalties.

4 – is the number of goals Ghana needs to reach 100 goals in all African Nations Cup tournaments. Should the GFA not be thinking of rewarding the player who scored that goal? Who might score that goal? Prince Tagoe?


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