Letter to Charley EP01: Oh Dear Me, John Paintsil Says What?

John Paintsil

Charley, the name John has assumed quintessential importance of some prophetic proportions in Ghana. And why not? Unless one baptizes himself a ‘John’,  he cannot ascend to the high office of President in Ghana – or so it appears.

To the extent that, Charley, would you believe some Ghanaian Johns are beginning to suffer delusions of grandeur – thinking of themselves too important?  These delusions may have eaten into the Black Stars already.

Our very own John has started showing symptoms. I am not referring to the French John. It is the other one – The Israeli John, the one fans have appropriately nicknamed ‘Agya Koo’ due to his striking resemblance of the Ace Comedian Kofi Adu (Agya Koo). You got that right, John Paintsil.

Somehow Paintsil has began to believe he is more important than he really is and has been making great claims recently. One cannot tell whether he is affected by the ‘John syndrome’ or he is just being his Agya Koo self.

Listen to him yarn:

Whilst I was at Leicester City, someone managed to create a false Twitter account using my name and picture to attack the dignity of the management of the club (Leicester). Meanwhile, I wasn’t even on Twitter as I was only on Facebook and Skype.bCan you believe that action caused many problems for me to the extent that my relationship with the club and my teammates deteriorated? How was I to excel when people created such problems for me everyday? The sad thing is that, these same people are still going round dragging my hard earned reputation in the mud.

Well, Charley, I am aware of your personal relationship with Paintsil. Kindly remind him that he is not the only top star to have been tickled by the media. He should own up to his own dip in form and stop blaming tangential factors like media stories and fake twitter accounts.

As we say here in Ghana, Charley, if you have nightmares after eating the head of a monkey, you do not go blaming anyone. Paintsil has simply been out of form and has not impressed many people at club or country recently. He will do all of us some good by ceasing these cheap excuses and blaming nameless people behind faceless people.

After a decade, or more,  in top flight football, every normal human being should be nearing the twilight of his career and would suffer some form dips. Our friend Paintsil is no exception.

Much as it is always emotionally disturbing to have people cooking lies about you, strong men like Paintsil are expected to leap over such hurdles, Chaley, rather than blame his career dip on some media diversions.

Adu Kofi (Agya Koo) – John Paintsil Lookalike


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