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Centenary Celebrations Gone Wrong as Enugu Rangers Spoil Hearts of Oak’s Party

Accra Hearts of Oak’s centenary celebrations ended in the most disappointing of ways. Enugu Rangers of Nigeria stung the celebrants with a 2-1 win in their own backyard in a friendly game to climax the anniversary.

After a balanced first half, wing back Bobie Ansah’s poor recovery gave Enugu’s Razak Adegbote the chance to exploit the gap in Hearts of Oak’s lateral defense. Central defender Kofi Agyare was unable to contain Razak who blasted a thundering shot pass goalkeeper Laud Quartey.

Even after Enugu’s opener, Hearts of Oak fans were still hopeful of winning their centenary game as their team seemed to be playing well. Against the run of play,  John Aguda struck a stunning 25-yard shot which beat Laud Quartey and left a bile in the mouths of the teaming  Accra Hearts of Oak fans.

Referee William Agbovi awarded Hearts of Oak a rather controversial late penalty. Even though Uriah Asante was able to score from the spot, the ‘Never Say Die’ spirit of the Hearts of Oak had been doused by the Rangers from Nigeria.


0-1 Razaq Adegbote 

0-2 John Aguda 

1-2 Uriah Asante [pen]

Although a rather disappointing anticlimax to their Hearts celebration, a reality check was perhaps all Hearts of Oak needed.


Open Letter to Mr. Fred Crentsil: Are you The ONE or we should expect another

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter finds you well. Let me take the pleasure to congratulate you on your appointment as the C.E.O of Ghana’s oldest club, Accra Hearts of Oak.

A year from today, if you have not been hounded out of office, given up or failed miserably, you will be the Centenary Chairman.  But Sir, as you take the hot seat, I would kindly ask you to pause and ponder over this million cedi question: 100 years of what? No stadium, no training facilities, broke, terrible football, and a dwindled fan base?

Mr. Crentsil, you have taken on yourself an almost too difficult task. Apart from the doubts among supporters about your true Phobia credentials, the numerous issues of ownership, shareholding and factions within the club can distract even the most focused man.  How you will shake off theese distractions  in your first few years will give us the indications as to whether you are THE ONE, or we should expect another saviour of the falling Oak tree.

The Phobia family expects you to come with a magic wand in hand to turn around the fortunes of the once glorious club. Do you have a what it takes? or you are the kind of magician who will make the club disappear into oblivion.

Now I am not a Hearts fan, but as a lover of Football Made in Ghana, I have expectations of my own.  I  have a three interrelated concerns which I would want you to address before your spend 3 years in office. Continue reading ‘Open Letter to Mr. Fred Crentsil: Are you The ONE or we should expect another’


Under Pressure – Five Glo Premiership coaches who are likely to get fired

Paa Kwesi Fabien

Paa Kwesi Fabien

We are only two weeks into the Glo Premier League and already some coaches are feeling the pressure from club officials and fans. There are indications that some coaches are either going to put in an early resignation or they are going to get sacked.  Here is my pick of the top five coaches who may not survive the season. 

[5] Ebo Mends (Berekum Arsenal)

For a team that has no patience for home losses to play two games in the Brong-Ahafo Region (their home) without a win, there must be something wrong somewhere. Ebo Mends is on my watch list for coaching casualties. He will be lucky to survive. I am not sure if club C.E.O, Yakubu Moro will lose trust in Ebo this early, but it will be interesting to follow the reaction of fans if Berekum Arsenal does not conjure a home win against Wa All Stars on match-day 3.  Continue reading ‘Under Pressure – Five Glo Premiership coaches who are likely to get fired’

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