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2011 African Youth Championships Updates: Group B – Live updates


GHANA 1-1 CAMEROUN [Full Time]

1-0 Kwame Nsor

1-1 [To be Confirmed]

GHANA STARTING IX: Foli Adade, Smuel Kyere, Paul Aidoo, Sumaila Rasheed, Masahudu Alhassan,  Saeed Adnan, Zida Shaibu Seidu, Bright Addae, Kwame Nsor, Richmond Boakye-Yiadom, Mahatma Otoo


1-0 Stanley Okoro

2-0 Aziz


ORLANDO WELLINGTON: Under pressure to qualify Ghana to the 2011 World Youth Championships

We are back to mathematical gymnastics as Ghana, Nigeria and Gambia battle for the only remaining ticket to the 2011 World Youth Championships.

Ghana, the defending Champions have failed to glitter, but there is still some hope as Nigeria’s loss to Cameroun in the last rounnd of games has thrown the group wide open. So if you are in the mood for some Easter Sunday mathematics, here are some IFs and BUTs for you.

Ghana will qualify to the World Youth Championships (finish second on the league table) if they beat Cameroun and Gambia also beats Nigeria. But that will not be all. Ghana must score more goals against Cameroun than Gambia does against Nigeria or at least, as many goals as Gambia scores against Nigeria.

Now that must be what the prophets of old thought of when they coined the statement ‘through the eye of the needle’ .

The case of Gambia is even more interesting. To qualify for the 2011 World Youth Championships, Gambia will have to defeat Nigeria.  After which they will hope that Cameroun beats or at least draws with Ghana. However in the likeliest of events that Ghana beats Cameroon Gambia will pray that their win against Nigeria will come with a bigger scoreline than Ghana’s win against Cameroon.

Nigeria, has the easiest task. Just beat Gambia, who will play without three key players Baboucarr Jammeh, Mamut Saine and Teammate Saine. Psychologically however, rumours of protests against three of their players for being averaged by Ghana might affect their game.

All the mathematics aside, the ties in the group could end up being decided by fair play points or even a toss of a coin. If Ghana and Gambia win today and Gambia scores exactly 1 goal more than Ghana, then the only remaining ticket will be decide by fair-play points or tossing coins – in that order.


Rnk Team MP W D L GF GA +/- Pts
1 Cameroun 3 2 1 0 3 1 2 7
2 Nigeria 3 2 0 0 4 2 2 6
3 Ghana 3 0 2 1 3 4 -1 2
4 Gambia 3 0 1 2 1 3 -2 1


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South Africa 2011 African U-20: Orlando Wellington’s time to shine

The height which Sellas Tetteh took youth football in Ghana might be difficult to equal. The current Rwandan head coach steered Ghana’s Black Satellites 2009 to an undefeated run in all competitive games; conquering West Africa, Africa and the rest of the world on their match to glory.

The mantle now falls on coach Orlando Wellington to lead another generation of Ghanaian youth to conquer the world. Ghana has produced a consistent performance at youth level over the last three decades which puts pressure on Wellington not to let an expectant Ghana down.

In the light of recent terrible performances from Ghana’s national teams, Wellington’s Black Satellites 2011 are a sort of last hope that Ghana will win anything with any of her national teams apart from the Black Stars.

The test ahead of Wellington is not in the least easy. Group B of South Africa 2011 will be difficult to navigate. Especially given that Ghana has an axe to grind with all the teams in the group; Nigeria, Cameroun and Gambia.

Cameroun will seek to even the score after Ghana beat them two years ago. Ghana must revenge their defeat to the Gambians in 2005 at the U-17 level. Wherever Ghana meets Nigeria; whether in sport or singing, defeat is not an option for both sides.

Bringing home the cup cannot however be an insurmountable for a coach of Wellington’s calibre. Being the assistant to Sellas Tetteh during that wonderful run in 2009, Wellington must have learnt the ropes and should be extremely confident walking it.

The U-20 experience aside, Wellington is the leading coach in Ghana’s Glo Premier League. Since assuming the Berekum Chelsea hot seat in November 2010, Wellington has steered the club to the top of the league log.

In an era when an older generation of Ghanaian coaches are making way for younger coaches; where local coaches are under-performing, the U-20 challenge is a good opportunity for Wellington to shine.

..and so shall he!!!




When God decides to be a football fan

Prophet T.  B. Joshua

Prophet T. B. Joshua

The God we have been introduced to by Christianity is a God who chooses sides. Throughout Christian history as recorded in the Holy Ghost-inspired Bible, God has been portrayed as one who chooses sides and doesn’t flip flop. So, for no apparent reason, God is quoted to have said “Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.” [Romans 10:13]

Here then is the puzzle. When two teams decide to pray to God prior to or in the course of a cagy football encounter, which side will God take? Initially, one would think God will be on the side of the righteous, but in history, He, being all-knowing, has chosen the prostitute over the so-called righteous.

According to the Bible, if God decides to take a side, He will reveal it to his prophet. Amos 3:7 says: “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing His plan to his servants the prophets.”  

Continue reading ‘When God decides to be a football fan’


Ghana – World Youth Champions!

I wish I knew where to start from or where to take this article. But I will discipline myself. Black Satellites 2009, wow, what a team, what a spirit! And my word, can victory be sweeter? How do I choose the words to extol this history-making Black Satellites team? If there is anyone who doubts that dreams come true, that resilience is the fuel of success, that a successful person’s true strength is the person next to him, that prayers get answered, I hope the Black Satellites 2009 have given you the answers you are looking for. 


The last time Ghana won anything at FIFA level was 14 years ago at Ecuador 95 FIFA Under 17 Championship. Now that is long ago. Little wonder the streets of Ghana were filled with chants, horn-tooting and instant parties on Friday night when the hero Daniel Adjei made that historic save against Brazil’s Maicon to make Ghana World Youth Champions. What other excuse can Ghanaians have to drink the Friday away? The Brazil of Africa has defeated the Brazil of the world! Holala!

I never for once doubted the ability of this team. From the foundations built by Bashir Hayford in 2005/2006 through the additional assistance of Osam Duodu to the capable hands of Sellas Tetteh, I have always had confidence in this  generation of Ghanaian footballers. Big congratulations to these boys and especially their management team led by Mr. Jordan Anagbla. They are heroes and ought to return home to a rousing welcome. Continue reading ‘Ghana – World Youth Champions!’


FIFA U-20: What makes Brazil so dangerous?

Daniel Addo will prove important in the finals. Credit: KHALED DESUKI/AFP/Getty Images

Black Satellites 2009. Credit: KHALED DESUKI/AFP/Getty Images

With the FIFA Youth Championship (Egypt 2009) drawing to a close, I have been spending some time looking at the possible performance the two nations (Ghana and Brazil) are going to put up. I have been looking for what it will take for one of these two football nations to outclass the other, and I must say I am struggling to produce a list. 

Surely I would want Ghana to win. Looking at the big picture, The Black Satellites have much more burning reason to win this tournament than Brazil – Vengeance! South Americans (especially Brazil and Argentina) have given Ghana too much trouble in FIFA tournaments. For this reason they have been perpetually placed on Ghana’s wanted list at any level of the beautiful game.

In Ghana, there is an unwritten command to any national team. Brazil and Argentina are to be marked, attacked, defeated and humiliated wherever and whenever any Ghanaian team comes across them. Chasing this instruction has proven to be a tall order some of the times. For instance, it was Brazil which killed Ghana’s hopes of lifting the U-20 cup in 1993 and I believe this might just be the year to execute the unwritten order.  Continue reading ‘FIFA U-20: What makes Brazil so dangerous?’


U-20 WC Final: Ghana vs Brazil – A Prematch Analysis

Dedender Daniel Addo ( KHALED DESUKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Dedender Daniel Addo ( KHALED DESUKI/AFP/Getty Images)

By Mayobo


Ghanaweb Football Forum


Everything points to fireworks on Friday when the high-quality Brazilians come face to face with the free-scoring Ghanaians. There are many things to watch out for in this final considering the record of both teams.



Ghana seem to let in goals fairly cheaply, conceding 5 goals in the 3 matches preceding the final. It’s a fairly high concession rate if you consider the fact that the 3 games referred to here were all knockout games. Ghana could have been in trouble but for being able to eclipse goals conceded with a high goal scoring rate. Brazil on the other hand have let in just 2 goals in the 3 matches preceding the final. The statistics may point to Brazil having the better organized defence. However let’s not forget that profligate “mis-finishing” conspired to rob Costa Rica of a real chance at the final (Brazil beat Costa Rica 5-0 at the group states) Going by this basis, perhaps Ghana will not misfire when presented with such scoring opportunities. It’s tricky. One major test for the Brazilians will be how they handle the free scoring Ghanaians and still play a highly offensive game. The Ghanaians may not be that bothered by goal concessions, because they know they can score. That being said, the return of Jon. Mensah could be a bonus to the Ghanaians.

  Continue reading ‘U-20 WC Final: Ghana vs Brazil – A Prematch Analysis’


Who are the men? – Black Satellites class of 2009

Dominic Adiyiah (Photo credit should read CRIS BOURONCLE/AFP/Getty Images)

Dominic Adiyiah (Photo credit should read CRIS BOURONCLE/AFP/Getty Images)

Ghana has reached her third FIFA Youth Championship final since 1993. With this, coach Sellas Tetteh has joined Ghanaian coaching greats Osam Duodoo and E. K . Afranie as some of the best youth coaches to have evolved from Africa. Black Satellites 2009 have joined other great squads from 2001 and 1993 in the hall of U-20 fame.

Whereas some have weathered this important achievement as nothing new, others have said Ghana was just lucky. People must learn to be more thankful than this. Since the FIFA Youth Championship  commenced in 1977, only 13 countries have featured in the finals. Egypt 2009 inclusive, this is the third time Ghana has joined the 13-country club. Only Argentina and Brazil who have featured in the finals 7 and 8 times respectively played in more U-20 finals than Ghana (3 times in the finals).

  Continue reading ‘Who are the men? – Black Satellites class of 2009’

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