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FIFA U-20: What makes Brazil so dangerous?

Daniel Addo will prove important in the finals. Credit: KHALED DESUKI/AFP/Getty Images

Black Satellites 2009. Credit: KHALED DESUKI/AFP/Getty Images

With the FIFA Youth Championship (Egypt 2009) drawing to a close, I have been spending some time looking at the possible performance the two nations (Ghana and Brazil) are going to put up. I have been looking for what it will take for one of these two football nations to outclass the other, and I must say I am struggling to produce a list. 

Surely I would want Ghana to win. Looking at the big picture, The Black Satellites have much more burning reason to win this tournament than Brazil – Vengeance! South Americans (especially Brazil and Argentina) have given Ghana too much trouble in FIFA tournaments. For this reason they have been perpetually placed on Ghana’s wanted list at any level of the beautiful game.

In Ghana, there is an unwritten command to any national team. Brazil and Argentina are to be marked, attacked, defeated and humiliated wherever and whenever any Ghanaian team comes across them. Chasing this instruction has proven to be a tall order some of the times. For instance, it was Brazil which killed Ghana’s hopes of lifting the U-20 cup in 1993 and I believe this might just be the year to execute the unwritten order.  Continue reading ‘FIFA U-20: What makes Brazil so dangerous?’


U-20 WC Final: Ghana vs Brazil – A Prematch Analysis

Dedender Daniel Addo ( KHALED DESUKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Dedender Daniel Addo ( KHALED DESUKI/AFP/Getty Images)

By Mayobo


Ghanaweb Football Forum


Everything points to fireworks on Friday when the high-quality Brazilians come face to face with the free-scoring Ghanaians. There are many things to watch out for in this final considering the record of both teams.



Ghana seem to let in goals fairly cheaply, conceding 5 goals in the 3 matches preceding the final. It’s a fairly high concession rate if you consider the fact that the 3 games referred to here were all knockout games. Ghana could have been in trouble but for being able to eclipse goals conceded with a high goal scoring rate. Brazil on the other hand have let in just 2 goals in the 3 matches preceding the final. The statistics may point to Brazil having the better organized defence. However let’s not forget that profligate “mis-finishing” conspired to rob Costa Rica of a real chance at the final (Brazil beat Costa Rica 5-0 at the group states) Going by this basis, perhaps Ghana will not misfire when presented with such scoring opportunities. It’s tricky. One major test for the Brazilians will be how they handle the free scoring Ghanaians and still play a highly offensive game. The Ghanaians may not be that bothered by goal concessions, because they know they can score. That being said, the return of Jon. Mensah could be a bonus to the Ghanaians.

  Continue reading ‘U-20 WC Final: Ghana vs Brazil – A Prematch Analysis’

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