My Take on Ghana U21 5-1 Angola U21


Captain- Black SatellitesGhana did not play well. The team did not have enough quality and played as if they were not ready for a tournament.

It seemed to me that, Ghana went into the game playing a 4-4-2 formation with a variation which placed emphases on wing play. The two wing backs seemed to have been told to initiate the attack.

From the goal keeper, the ball went to the full backs who sped it into the attacking third of the opponents. Once there, they had two options – (1) pass the ball to the one of three attacking midfielders or (2) cross it to the forwards.

Two midfielders were always present in the center of the pitch. One of them stayed in DM and the other joined the attack as the third attacking midfielder in a 4-1-3-2 formation when attack is initiated.


The Angolans provided no real test to the Black Satellites. They appeared afraid of Ghana in the first half. They were shot-shy and lacked cohesion as a team. They should have gone down by ten goals without reply. In the second half though, Ghana’s game went down and the Angolans took over the game.

Goal Keeping

Joseph Addo was not tested on the day. The one time he was really called into action, he was found wanting. Bad positioning, poor judgment and lack of concentration proved to be his bane. That was not a vintage performance and the coach ought to make it clear to him. He cost Ghana an unnecessary goal.


Ghana’s central defenders had little wok to do. They appeared a bit jittery at the back. However, when being challenged, they looked solid both in the air and on the ground. They covered quite well when the wing backs were called into action. It is no wonder the Angolans were allowed to take only 7 shots of which less than half was allowed to get the need direction.

The left back (David Nii Ady) was more effective than the right back. Many of Ghana’s attack were initiated by Addy. Because the lateral defenders were always busy on the attack, Ghana’s CBs were often exposed to counter attack from the flanks. Coach Sellas Tetteh would have to find ways of solidifying the defense if Ghana is to get far in these qualifiers.

“We have about eight days of training coming up and any player who puts in much work can still force his way into the starting team and that means there would be changes should that happen,”


Coach Sellas Tetteh put two players in the middle of the pitch and placed the other two midfielders in the attacking third of the Angolans. They were not wide, but they collaborated with the lateral defenders in wing play. This made central midfield a bit weaker than expected. The inclusion of Mohammed Rabiu (Alhassan?) in the midfield proved to be a great choice by Mr. Tetteh. The midfielder played well, winning many headers and tackles and capped a good performance with goal. However, he was replaced by Enoch Adu Kofi whose input in the game was very little.

The attacking midfielder were quite effective and assisted the forwards quite well. They however tended to hold on to the ball. Abdul Ganiyu who played on the right side of the attacking midfield was the worst culprit. Although he got a goal, he did not play his role well. His substitute Hans Coffie was worse. Coffie came to pick a stroll, not to play football. Fans hooted at him the entire period of his play. He killed Ghana’s attacking speed which Ganiyu had stated.


Going forward, Ghana’s attack was very dangerous. As many as seven players lines in two rows ready to attack the Angolan goal – two attackers backed by five attacking midfielders (two of them being wing backs). Sadick Adam who has clearly climbed up the learning curve by several yards was a torn to the Angolan defense. He threatened them all day till his substitution.

Stand-in captain Ranford Osei had a terrible game with quite a good number of howlers and two clear sitters. Somehow, he got on the score sheet twice and that’s what he was brought on to do so that’s good for him. Donkor came on for Adams and set up Osei to tap the last goal into a yawning net after turning two Angolan defenders.


Ghana’s game died after 60 minutes. Apart from Donkor, none of the substitutes seemed to have helped. Mohammed’s replacement with Adu Kofi did not add to the game. Although Ganiyu’s wasteful play was and required a substitution, Hans Cofie was the worst of the choices Sellas Tetteh had on the bench. Hans Coffie should be axed from the team for putting up such a terrible performance.

Man of The Match

With little to choose between David Nii Addy and Sadick Adam, I will give it to Sadick because of the number of beautiful assists he gave and the excellent free kick he scored.

Useless Player of the day

This would have gone to goal keeper Joseph Addo for allowing that goal until Hans Cofie of Heart of Lions came on. This guy dodged passes all day. HE did not run forward when he had the ball and lost the ball as many times as he got it. Useless football if you ask me.


Congratulations to the lads. This performance may beat Angola but cannot qualify out of the first stage of any tournament. So don’t let it go into your heads.

Depth Depth Depth

This is a team being prepared for a tournament we MUST win. However, many of the players did not seem to have the needed techniques which wins big matches and tournaments. Some of them did not seem to fully understand their roles. Sellas Tetteh needs to do extra work to improve the boys’ understanding of the game, vision and general tactical sense. Given the quality and depth of Ghanaian U20 players world wide, Sellas Tetteh has no excuse building a weak team.

It is probably time for Sellas Tetteh to look at this list.

Because he clearly needs to add to the depth of the team to strengthen the following departments:

Goal keeping


Right full back

Central midfield


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